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What Industry leaders are saying..

"Great Foundation"

As a coach, its easy to be everything to everyone. Munira's coaching helped me build a foundation that streamlines my message and my audience and how I want to show up for them.  Her ability to break through my fog and help me see where I was 'getting in my own way'. Thanks to Munira's ability to ask the right questions at the right time, I now know my path for ultimate success. Discover your path and connect with Munira TODAY!

~ Rakhsha D. Maharashtra 

"Teamwork Collaboration!"

Our business focuses on providing a fun and safe work environment for our employees, and building relationships with our customers. The primary ingredient to both of those topics is effective communication.Munira did not only provided our employees with a wealth of information about who they are personally for self improvement, but how we can most effectively communicate with those around us.These concepts are helping us grow our relationships with each other and our customers. The tools Munira offers are certainly what we needed to boost us to the next level of customer service

~ Rusty - Manager Popeye's

"Exceptional Coaching"

"The journey of as thousand miles begins with one niche! Munira taught us harness a niche and there would be many ideas/programs. Each niche enhances creativity and ideation. Don't struggle anymore - the process is simple. Plug into her teaching. It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Eric to any individual or company that is looking to for a great mentor, motivator, and all around leader.

 ~ Marianne E-Maine

"Leadership skills"

Munira is an amazing business consultant with a heart of gold. She understands both business and human behavior and personality styles.Her DISC training and coaching is very helpful. Thank you, Munira! I would recommend The Niche Navigator to anyone needing a business coach particularly other Coaches, Consultants and entrepreneurs.

~ Moazzam - New Jersey


"Wasn't sure what to expect when I first heard what The Niche Navigator had to say! It blew my mind.I implemented the strategies shared and received results in less than 3 weeks! The amazing thing is all I had to do was look inward!" If you're ever presented with the opportunity to work with Munira, don't hesitate! You won't regret the decision.

~ Casia P - Washington

"Exceptional Coaching"

As Munira says the idea of being in business is sexy. With the Niche Navigator's help, I was able to dived into my busniess and stream line quite a few things. Her guidance and coaching provided clear direction and instructions on what I need to do to be successful. From the business defining my niche to providing me with clear marketing goals, the information has been invaluable! Thank you so much for your guidance and your friendship

~ Joanna - Illinois




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