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Munira's Musings

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Munira's Musings Podcast

By Munira Zahabi PhD

Munira Zahabi hosts a regular podcast where she interviews influential leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a significant positive impact in the world. With over 400 episodes to date and listeners in 90 countries, be educated and inspired through the combined experience and words of wisdom shared by Munira and her guests.

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Are you looking to relive the best moments we've shared? Yearning for a collection of short, captivating clips that encapsulate our journey?

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We are thrilled to present our brand-new offering: the Evergreen Content and Marketing Materials package.

With this exclusive subscription, you gain access to a treasure trove of enduring memories, expertly curated and thoughtfully compiled.

Immerse yourself in the essence of our time together, relishing in the most unforgettable snippets that will transport you back to those special moments.

Minimum of 5 short videos edited out of the original interview. These videos will have captions, These can be copied and used for blog posts or any other text-based post.

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Being a guest on podcasts is a great way to spread your message, get free publicity for your brand, and establish your credibility within your field. As a guest, you not only need to grab their attention but there are some underlying steps that the relation between a podcast host and podguest should have. This book outlines these steps and bring to light some and make them take notice. By the end of the interview, listeners should be thinking “wow”, not “meh”.

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Summary: Your 15-20min audio (not video) interview will be pre-recorded (not live) on Zoom. I ask you the 3 questions below. Your interview will be available for public download.

Benefits:  There is no cost to be a guest speaker on my podcast. Together, we’ll promote your passion/product/service. I will make your interview available on several podcast platforms (e.g. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts).

Legal stuff: the podcast guest agrees to these terms and conditions. The podcast guest will be recorded. The interview will be edited and released at a time determined by the podcast host. The interview will be made available for public download (e.g. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts). Each guest will be subscribed to receive emails offering services/promotions, which can be unsubscribed at any time. The podcast guest will not be compensated for the interview nor for any “new content” that the host may create and/or repurpose from the interview.

Interview preparation:  Please prepare for your interview by reviewing this information in advance. Also, you may find it helpful to listen to episodes of my previous guests to get an idea of the flow. I will introduce you. I may ask you to expand upon that. I will ask you to share:

1) a story of hope, inspiration and empowerment,

2) what you learned from that experience and

3) a resource (e.g. book, quote, website, app, …) that you have found helpful in your journey of empowerment.

At the end, you will have the opportunity to promote your services/products by sharing your website links.

Next steps:  schedule your interview. Are you in a hurry to record and release your podcast interview? Here’s how to expedite it. I’ll email you a Zoom audio conference link. Please access the Zoom link 5min prior to your scheduled time. We conduct your interview remotely via the Zoom conference link.


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Here’s what is included in this service:

1. We’ll coordinate a time and record your interview, within 5 days of payment receipt.

2. Your interview will be edited, released and made available, within 5 days AFTER recording your interview.

Note: I will contact you using the email address you provide via PayPal.