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It has been said that the riches are in the niches. Every entrepreneur who is in high demand has found their niche.

Niche markets help entrepreneurs communicate and build their businesses. Entrepreneurs provide solutions to people’s problems, help change lives, and inspire others to take the next step.

If you are passionate about impacting lives, then this podcast will give you some great ideas and equip you with ideas, inspiration, and tools to quickly grow your business.

Everyone in this world has been born with an idea! Whether we are selling a product, a service, an idea, or ourselves to others, our ability to influence people to see things from our perspective greatly determines our success.

Implementing our niche is not an easy task, but once it is implemented, it is extremely rewarding.

People who have specialized embark on a mission to assist others in excelling in their field!

People who have specialized help others grow.

Growth is essential for everyone because, without it, we slowly die. It is our hope that we instill hope in our listeners.

Our listeners who enjoy this podcast are the ones who are annoyed by the status quo. Our listeners are looking to take things to the next level! They are done with mediocrity and strive for greatness and impact.

If you are on a journey of personal growth and development, this podcast is for you!

Each week, tune in to hear inspiring interviews, learn about lessons from failure, and generate ideas on how to niche down to make a huge impact in your life and in the lives of others. We are super excited to have you with us!

How To Be an Effective Podcast Guest

Being a guest on podcasts is a great way to spread your message, get free publicity for your brand, and establish your credibility within your field. As a guest, you not only need to grab their attention but there are some underlying steps that the relation between a podcast host and podguest should have. This book outlines these steps and bring to light some and make them take notice. By the end of the interview, listeners should be thinking “wow”, not “meh”.

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