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We teach people how to think, sell, lead, and communicate most effectively to achieve all their goals! We do it through speaking engagements, coaching, and corporate trainings. We want to empower everyone to develop meaningful connections with others, based on their personality style, and simplify sales and leadership, so anyone with any background can be successful! We understand that your business and your situation is unique. That’s why most of our coaching and training programs are customized based on your specific, organizational needs!



CEO AKA The Niche Navigator

Born in Nairobi, and lived in Tanzania, Munira grew up seeing a her parents and family members nurse a scarcity mindset and a belief system that left them behind in all decision making. Her family members struggled and lacked the freedom to make their dreams a reality. 

Munira wanted something for herself and has set her sails to navigating to achieving it. 

Having moved to the USA as an immigrant, and worked in the corporate world, Munira has excelled in the field of sales and sales leadership.

Today, Munira's motivation is the same as it was when she was a child bride. It is to live a life of choice and help others live their version of freedom as well.

That’s why she is known as The Niche Navigator.

Munira's mission in life is to to help people eliminate their internal road blocks and transform their self-image, so that they can achieve the goals, lifestyles, and relationships, of their dreams.

Munira is the host of Munira's Musings – , the and the Author of The Philosophy of Niche Principles.

She has helped people believe in themselves, move forward from a broken relationship, improve relationships, learn to sell and start their own business and make dreams a reality.

Helping people realize what they are capable of, and setting free from the invisible shackles is in what Munira does best!

She is a coach that will always see more in others than they see in themselves. Best of all , she has the ability to show people just how amazing and great they actually are.

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