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People often make the mistake of using “their own communications style” when communicating with others.

Everyone’s taught from a young age the Golden Rule – treat others the way YOU would want to be treated. However, everyone’s personality style is different, and it is much more effective to speak in a way their brain is wired to receive information.

The Platinum Rule states – treat others the way THEY would want to be treated, and it is much more effective in communicating with others in a way they best understand and enjoy.

All people are different, but they can be placed into 4 primary categories based on their personality style.

What makes Take Flight with DISC so unique is how simple it is to learn the styles and how memorable they are! It is the only personality assessment tool that represents each personality style.

It’s been proven that everyone recognizes and associates specific behaviors and can implement them in their daily interactions with others, instantly!




The effects of incorporating these different styles with others results in increased productivity and teamwork, improved sales results, making leadership more influential, and stronger relationships.

DISC Assessment and training is great for:

  • Leaders - understand each team member's communication preference and style, so that they always feel heard and appreciated

  • Sales Professionals - Learn how to quickly recognize your buyers buying style and speak their buying language

  • Team Members - find out about each others's preferred communication style and watch your productivity and cohesiveness skyrocket!

  • Taking the DISC assessment is a High - Energy, interactive training program, designed to:

  • Raise self awareness and enable people to work in their strength zone

  • Reduce conflict, drama and turn over

  • Increase appreciation and acceptance of others

  • The DISC Assessment is unique because it immediately makes the styles relateable and memorable. Individuals can walk out feeling empowered with new awareness and skills, as well as long term utilization of the concepts and ideas from our trainings.