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 Coaches want to help people. That is the general idea. But they must start to make important Niche-related decisions and starting early is a perfect time to begin addressing them.

To begin their coaching career, most coaches need to pick a lane and working with a coach is a great opportunity to start working through these issues to ensure that they have a Niche  in which they are interested in.

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • What type of work would I like to pursue?
  • What you specialize in (area of expertise).
  • What am I passionate about?
  • Is there a market for my niche?
  • Test your niche

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You've taken time off (or are considering taking time off) between jobs to take a break from the daily churn,and reinvent yourself. You want to figure out what makes you happy and take inventory of the skills you have acquired before taking the next step.

You have the self-awareness to know that the next step in your career isn’t a job and that isn’t your most immediate priority. But after months, a year or more away, you may feel no closer to knowing what path to follow than when you began. And with each passing day, week, month or school year, you may feel pressure to
“get on with life”.

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • How can I make the most of this time?
  • What have I learned that I can apply to the next step?
  • Should I purchase a new program? 
  • Should I hire a coach?
  • How do I begin and what should I study?
  • Am I ready?

Let's book a FREE 30 -minute strategy session to discuss opportunities.  

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You have been approached by different businesses and you have ideas, but you are questioning which business is the right one. That is not uncommon.  Are you choosing a business because of family pressures or by default without really knowing whether it was an appropriate choice or where it may lead?

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • ​Is this the right program or business for me?
  • What else is out there?
  • Where is this leading?
  • Is it too late to change directions?
  • Can I afford to make a change?

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  • Experience & empathy
  • Listening & insights
  • Deliberate & thoughtful 
  • Systematic & comprehensive process
  • Individualized & interactive service

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