Hi I am Munira

 I help Coaches and Businesspreneurs find and market to their niche. 

Defining a niche will help you become the leader in your field!

I know you want to succeed, but right now you’re looking for new direction…

Building a business is like taking a voyage on the uncharted waters of the ocean, It takes Planning, Process, Courage, Persistence and Patience - And you need a Compass and a Strategy!

This is where I come in!

Are you ready to use the proven step-by-step system, combined with tools and support, to build your business the right way?

Need more convincing, here is more facts about me.

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About Me



"Mistakes are the Stepping Stones for Success" ~ John C Maxwell. Some mistakes cost me time, and some cost me money. I was frustrated as well and expended my energy spinning my wheels. Mistakes allowed me to grow! 

Helping people Grow by helping them find their Niche has become my mission. 

I want to help Navigate you to your Niche!

New Beginnings

It was a new beginning when I lost my mom at the tender age of twelve.

It was a new beginning only eight months after my mom's death, to begin adjusting  with my father and his new bride. 

It was a new beginning when I was married at age fifteen, and moved to a new city, a new country.

It was a new beginning when I had to pack up home, to immigrate to USA, a new city, a new country, a new continent.

It was a new beginning when I took on the roles of being a father and mother to my children after my husband's passing. 

New beginnings require transformations and reinventing yourself. I have stayed humble through this process  by keeping it in its simplest form. 


I Thrived, because I believe I have two things: a DREAM, and a burning DESIRE to SUCCEED. I am determined to rise above all those challenges that strike so many of us entrepreneurs. 

As a result of my passion and drive, I figured out a ways to succeed along the way. 

After my marriage, I succeeded  in revamping my husbands dying family business into a successful hub that people came to recognize. All I had, at the time was DRIVE, No business skills. No tools. No money.

I did it again when we came to the USA and built his business the same way I had done years ago. 

America posed challenges and I raised my children as well as climbed the ranks in Corporate. 

The children are grown and the corporate world bid me farewell!  And I began again, this time reinventing myself completely.

Over the last twenty five years, I am proud to say,  I  have successfully built and grown my husband's businesses, my employer's businesses as well as mine.

I am implementing the same strategies to help my clients. I know better than anyone else that any beginning takes Courage, Mindset, Guts, Learning, and Cash Flow.  It also takes Focus, Planning, Process, Persistence and Patience.  

Focusing on your NICHE will allow your business to stand out!  

As the The Niche Navigator,  I know the challenges of starting and running a small business! I also know how to overcome challenges.  Trust me,  and allow me to share these strategies with you!

About You



You’ve been in business for a while but you are not sure if it's the right thing for you. You've been thinking about the business you want to start, but you are on the fence!  You’ve overwhelmed with all the information out there and don’t know who to trust or what to do first. You desperately want to create a business but you allow FEAR  and DOUBT to cloud your mind.  If this is the case,  we should talk. My coaching programs are geared toward coaches and businesspreneurs who:

Feel like an expert in the industry

You are smart, and love to help others. That’s why you went into business in the first place, and/or, 

You have experience in the field and want to breakaway from the current situation, and/or

You have been told that this could you be lucrative business for you.

Feeling stuck

You have a burning desire to build your business, help more people and make more money… but right now you’re at a crossroads. 

You’re having trouble figuring out which way to turn.

Basically, you’ve hit a “sea wall” in your business and need some direction.

Lack support or resources needed to grow

Until this point in your business, you’ve kind of been “winging it.”  And it’s gotten you to a certain level of success (congratulations!).  You know that growth won’t happen if you continue on this same path.

Why? Because you probably were never really taught how to build a business  with the four fundamental pillars which include messaging and marketing!

Maybe you never had a Navigator to keep you on track!


But here’s the good news: Let's get you off the wheel and into action mode!  With the right support, you can not only be successful but also achieve your dream of being a  businesspreneurs.  Let me show you how to package and promote your gifts so that can be a successful entrepreneur.

Are you Ready to invest in the strategic growth of your business by Niching down?  YES!

Are you  DETERMINED and READY to grow? YES!

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Do you still need more assurance?

Are you tired of spinning your wheels?


Are you perplexed about your Niche?


Do you wish, you could BREAK FREE and start your own business?

Do you worry that “success” means sacrificing more time away from the people and things you care about?

Do you want to make a bigger impact with your Niche?

Trust me, I completely understand that feeling of spinning your wheels, and the desire for a niche that will help you build your foundation and business!

I know I can help you Navigate to your Niche and Thrive!

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I am the Entrepreneur's Navigation Compass


 Many of us think we can build a successful business by ourselves. However, without a concrete Plan or Process to guide us, we:

• Drift aimlessly

• Are easily distracted by the Shiny Object Syndrome

• Spend our time on activities that don’t seem to gain traction or get us the results we want.

Let's change that!  

Get to know Munira!

Let's Navigate to your Niche

Let's bring out the Niche you yearn for!


I know you want to succeed, but right now you’re looking for new direction…

• Your business hasn’t grown as quickly as you hoped.

• You’re feeling a little lost & you’re having trouble figuring out which way to turn.

Here’s the thing — if you don’t have a clear navigation strategy for your business, then you end up working long hours, you’re not earning enough money and you’re not spending enough time doing the things you love.

As THE NICHE NAVIGATOR  I can help you…

• Start moving in the right direction.

• Plot a Navigation route that works for you & your business.

• Implement your Planning.

• Give you personalized feedback to keep you on track.


Once you lot the course and create the right  strategy for your business — amazing things will happen. You’ll have control to  create your dream lifestyle.

Check out the benefits with working with me.



 Coaches want to help people. That is the general idea. But they must start to make important Niche-related decisions and starting early is a perfect time to begin addressing them.

To begin their coaching career, most coaches need to pick a lane and working with a coach is a great opportunity to start working through these issues to ensure that they have a Niche  in which they are interested in.

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • What type of work would I like to pursue?
  • What you specialize in (area of expertise).
  • What am I passionate about?
  • Is there a market for my niche?
  • Test your niche

 Let's book a FREE 30 -minute strategy session to discuss opportunities. 



You've taken time off (or are considering taking time off) between jobs to take a break from the daily churn,and reinvent yourself. You want to figure out what makes you happy and take inventory of the skills you have acquired before taking the next step.

You have the self-awareness to know that the next step in your career isn’t a job and that isn’t your most immediate priority. But after months, a year or more away, you may feel no closer to knowing what path to follow than when you began. And with each passing day, week, month or school year, you may feel pressure to
“get on with life”.

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • How can I make the most of this time?
  • What have I learned that I can apply to the next step?
  • Should I purchase a new program? 
  • Should I hire a coach?
  • How do I begin and what should I study?
  • Am I ready?

Let's book a FREE 30 -minute strategy session to discuss opportunities.  



You have been approached by different businesses and you have ideas, but you are questioning which business is the right one. That is not uncommon.  Are you choosing a business because of family pressures or by default without really knowing whether it was an appropriate choice or where it may lead?

Questions You're Asking Yourself​

  • ​Is this the right program or business for me?
  • What else is out there?
  • Where is this leading?
  • Is it too late to change directions?
  • Can I afford to make a change?

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  • Experience & empathy
  • Listening & insights
  • Deliberate & thoughtful 
  • Systematic & comprehensive process
  • Individualized & interactive service

Hi I am Munira Zahabi

Building a successful business is like embarking on a voyage to the Islands of Success for the first time. 

Not only does it take Courage, Persistence and Patience—but it also requires a Map, a Compass & a strategy.

And that’s where I come in.

Are you ready to use a proven approach to building your business FASTER, the right way?

Are you motivated to do the work and make it happen?




Munira recognizes the enormous potential and inherent gifts in the coaches and people in transition. By working collaboratively with them, she’s able to help put together the pieces of their own unique puzzle, as they Navigate to their Niche that will profoundly shape their future.


Her own career path has helped equip Munira with the insights, empathy and experience necessary to ensure positive coaching outcomes. Although she recognized that she was in the wrong field in her career, she was apprehensive about making a change.

After graduating with a Master’s of Science in Health Care Administration, from California State University Bakersfield, Munira worked in the pharmaceutical industry and finally took ownership of her future by taking a Certification course with the John C. Maxwell. Her “eureka moment” came when she realized that her skills, interests, passions and experiences all aligned around this very field. 


Munira has worked closely with people at her college, work and helped them through the process to ensure that their initial career-related steps are appropriate and made with confidence.

Munira’s other passions include family and friends, reading, swimming, , gardening and cooking and traveling.